Tank Time TankAlong


  • Alice
    Honeymoon Tank: Knitty
  • Alison
    Honeymoon Cami: Knitty, GGH Mystik, mauve.
  • Amanda
    Elderflower: Rowan Summer Tweed Collection, Lion Brand Cotton Ease.
  • Amy
    Frida: HelloKnitty.com, Cascade Fixation, Kool Ade Red.
  • April
    Drop Stitch Tank: Lion Brand pattern. Lion Brand Microspun, Color TBD.
  • Barb
    Shapely Tank: Solare by Mondial.
  • Beth
    ChicKami: Butterfly Super 10 Mercerized Cotton in Geranium (3475)
  • Bliss
    Tank of her own design: TLC Cotton Plus.
  • Bonne Marie
    Trestle from ChicKnits: Katia Spray -100% Cotton Tape.
  • Brandy
    Vera Tank: Mission Falls.
  • Carolyn
    ChicKnits ChicKami: Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Ice Blue.
  • Cheryl
    Just completed Chevron Rib Tank: Interweave Knits free pattern. Next tank TBA.
  • Chris
    Basic Shell: Knitting Pure & Simple, Berroco Cotton Twist.
  • Christina 2
    Tank of her own design. Worsted weight cotton DK on size 6 needles.
  • Christina
    uCan2: ChicKnits, Mission Falls Cotton, Maize.
  • Christy
    Bay Tank: Mission Falls Simple (Spring 2001), Mission Falls 1824 Cotton.
  • Colleen
    Cable Edge Tank: Classic Elite leaflet #891, Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool.
  • Deb
    Tank TBA
  • Elka
    The Tank Top: Cabin Fever #502
  • Gina
    Spring Fling Tank from the Blue Blog: Berrocco Plush #1930, Pale Mint.
  • Heidi
    ChicKami: ChicKnits, Reynolds Saucy. Colors TBD (she has 4 different colors!)
  • Helen
    Cynthia from Hot Knits by Melissa Leapman: Angora blend yarn from International Assoc. of German Angora Rabbit Breeders (IAGARB).
  • Holly
    Honeymoon Tank: Knitty. FINISHED! Beginning second one for co-worker.
  • Iko
    VEVV Tank: Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2004, KFI Intermezzo Chunky, Green #3.
  • Jacquelynn
    Giotto Tank: Vogue Knitting Summer 2004.
  • Jaimi
    Shapely Tank: White Lies Designs, Endless Summer Sonata Print (aqua, purple, white) FINISHED! and Lion Brand Microspun in Mango.
  • Jena
    Ribbed Tank: Basically Brilliant Knits, Schoeller Stahl "Cecil" (chunky cotton/acrylic from Elann). Summer in the City Tank: The Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits, Sonata Mercerized Cotton combined with Classic Elite Fame (rayon/silk) in Sea. FINISHED!
  • Jessica
    "Goddess" Tank: Vogue Knitting cover pattern, Lion Brand Microspun, Lilac.
  • Jody
    Maude Tank: Mission Falls. FINISHED! Smooch: Cotton Classic.
  • Johanna
    Boat Neck Tank from ChicKnits: Lion Brand MicroSpun in Purple.
  • Julia T.
    Pia: Rowan 35, All Seasons Cotton, Fern. Chevron Tank: Free IK pattern, Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton, Bone. Daring Tank: (Julia's variation on Libby Chase's variation on) the Knitting Protty Tank, All Seasons Cotton, Shade 165, True Blue.
  • Julia
    Finola: Berroco Basics Tanks and Shells pamphlet #200, Berroco Zen Colors, Variegated Pink.
  • Karen II
    Checkerboard Shell by Ann Norling: Endless Summer Cotton.
  • Karen
    CheesyLove Tank: Knitty, Winter 02. Handspun silk @ 25 wpi (roughly heavy weight laceweight), doubled.
  • Kate
    Honeymoon Cami: Knitty Spring '04 designed by Julia. Berroco Cotton Twist.
  • Kerstin
    Halter: Filatura Di Crosa's City Knits
  • Kristin
    Sleeveless Top, Reynolds 82053: Reynolds Cabana, shade 973.
  • Libby
    Honeymoon Cami from Knitty: Dalegarn Svale in fuschia.
  • Lisa
    Two-Tone Halter: Hollywood Knits, Katia Mississippi. FINISHED!
  • Liz
    Her own design in Katia Idea Jeans (ribbon).
  • Lynette
    ChicKami: ChicKnits, Rowan Cotton Glace #807, Spice.
  • Lynn II
    Victoria Lace Tank from IK Summer 04: Reynolds Irish Linen Yarn in Lavender.
  • Lynn
    Spring Fling Tank: available here, for sister in Patons Fresco, Very Berry; for self in Patons Fresco, Tie Dye. Sigma Tank: Knitty, Cream & Sugar, Sage Meadow. Also knitting Shapely Tank: White Lies Designs in Cranberry for the Shapely Tank Knitalong.
  • MA
    V-Neck Tank from Trendy Knit Tops: Bernat Denim Style in Weathered Rose.
  • Maddie
    Shapely Tank: Filatura Di Crosa, Elena. Pink #7.
  • Maggi
    ChicKami: ChicKnits, striped in Cotton-Ease.
  • Margene
    Shell: Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2000, Sky Blue Spotlight from Classic Elite.
  • Mary Joy
    Tank Top #449: Gedifra Highlights 031, Patons Grace in white.
  • Melanie
    Vogue Knitting (S/S2004) Beach Tank (Project #1): Lion Brand MicroSpun in Coral. FINISHED
  • Mia
    Doris from Berrocco in Black. Camisole based on an Ann Norling pattern in Evita, peach.
  • Michelle
    Finished tank in Karabella Softic in Teal Blue. Goddess Tank from Vogue Knitting in TLC Cotton Plus in deep red.
  • Mindy
    Summer Funnel Sleeveless Top: The Girl from Auntie in Lion Brand Cotton Ease, Licorice.
  • Molly
    Tank of her own design finished: Manos Stria in Bubble Gum. Filatura di Crosa tank: FdC Giardino and Brilla yarns.
  • Nancy
    Her own pattern: Endless Summer Cotton Sonata in Summer Meadow.
  • Nasheikah
    Irene: Berroco free pattern. Yarn TBA, probably cotton in a funky color like lime or hot pink.
  • Nathania
    Amber: Rowan Summer Tweed Collection, Shade 536 Torrid - Finished!; "Goddess" Tank: Vogue Knitting cover pattern, Rowan Calmer, Shade 476 Coral.
  • Nicole
    Custom pattern from Knitware Sweater Design at Art Fibers, Art Fibers Venus in hot pink.
  • Nyondo
    Boat Neck Shell: ChicKnits, Patons Cotton Top, Shade 6446, Turquoise.
  • Paula
    Checkerboard Shell: Ann Norling. Sonata 100% Cotton, African Violet.
  • Renada
    Eros Tank: modified from the Dress pattern from Plymouth Yarn Design Studio, Eros.
  • Sandra II
    Fiber Trends Basic Tank: Classic Elite Flash in Clementine.
  • Sandra
    Tank of her own design: Patons Grace.
  • Sandy
    Vera: Mission Falls In Living Color book, Mission Falls 1824 Cotton.
  • Sarah P.
    ChicKami with wide straps: Intermezzo Mercerized Cotton in Sky Blue.
  • Sarah
    ChicKami: Rowan Cotton Glace in Pear for body, Candy Floss for edging.
  • Share
    Tank TBA - Under consideration: Goddess tank or something from the Hollywood Knits book
  • Sharlene
    Goddess Tank: Vogue Knitting cover pattern. Cascade Pima Tencel. FINISHED!
  • Sheila
    Batz Sleeveless Top from Plassard's summer pattern book. Plassard Mayotte in hot pink and Plassard P'tite Fleur in pinks/oranges.
  • Stella
    Plymouth Yarns Eros Camisole Tank: Two balls Eros, 1 ball Wildflower DK.

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June 03, 2004



My bay tank is complete but it is too big. (see my 5/26 blog post)

Jody, also knitting along, is meeting me for dinner tonight and lending me her ball winder so I can frog the whole tank and start over.

Second verse, same as the first.


I wanted to let you know I completed my Chickami tank. I'll be starting another one in a few weeks.


Still tankin'! I'm proceeding slowly, so I just finished the back side increases, and heading for the armholes. New pix to come. I'm already planning a second tank project...how optimistic is that?


I'm still poking along on the ribby Cecil tank, but I've sort of lost my zeal for her. The yarn is so splitty!


Finished the goddess! Pics on my page. On a side note, finished Chamomile too! More tanks a-comin'!


Just starting Vera... thanks for adding me!


I finished the back of the Vogue Giotto tank. Had to change the decreases to make it lok right. Sooo excited to wear it. The Giotto is so sift and pretty!
I'm working on getting my blog up - any help is paareciated. I want to put some pics of the tank up for you to see!


I finished the back of the Vogue Giotto tank. Had to change the decreases to make it look right. The decreases (all bind offs) in the pattern were messy - at least mine were! :)
Sooo excited to wear it. The Giotto is so soft and pretty!
I'm working on getting my blog up - any help is appreciated. I want to put some pics of the tank up for you to see!


I am starting over on my tank this weekend. I made a mistake and decided it would be better just to start fresh. This way I can also (hopefully) fix the rolling problem I was having.


My Lavender & Lace tank is complete. You can see it here http://goddess1.typepad.com/i_hide_yarn/2004/06/lavender_lace_t.html


Still putting off sewing the side seams on my Shapely, but otherwise it's done. After knitting this, I think I'm going to do something else with my Microspun...the yards and yards of stockinette stitch bored me to tears.

Karen M

My tank is coming along, slowly but slowly. I'm having to stop every 3-6 rows and spin some more, so that makes things a...little more of a challenge. The waist decreases are done and I'm almost up to the bust increases - roughly halfway. I'm starting on some angora for the hearts this week.


My Mama Tank is complete. It was not without its trials, but I made it through. Pictures and laments can be found on my blog (http://bigsister.typepad.com). The completed piece is modelled in the June 6th entry.


Tank is finished. Not knittin' with cotton again this summer. I'm a WOOL pig. It was fun to knit with y'all. Thank Nathania for hosting the KAL. Fun to see what everyone else is knitting up.


My tank is done. I have pictures and summary on my website (see sidebar under Knit-Alongs). I may knit another tank, still wondering about yarn and pattern. Thanks for hosting Nathania, this was my first knit-along! Fun project.


Finished my Giotto tank -it's a little roomy around the armholes. I wish I had knitted it a size down! I loved knitting with the Giotto, I may have to do another one. You can see the finished tank on my (pitiful!) blog. Plus, if you can help me get my blog organized - that would be great!! http://jacqknits.blogspot.com
I am starting the Chickami in purple and cream Berocco Cotton Twist in the next day or two - I just have to figure out how I want to do the striping.


Hi, N ~ Yesterday I started a ribbed cotton tank for my tiny toddler. (She's three now; should I stop calling her that, now that she's potty-trained and speaking in four-syllable words?) I'll ask her to help me think of a name for it! Meanwhile, I won't cast on for my ChicKami until the Sitcom's done ~


I've completed the back of my chevron tank, and I'm nearly at 7 inches on the front. Things are rockin right along.



I've just joined. Pattern is Fiber Trends Basic Tank..Yarn is Classic Elite Flash in Clementine


I am very close to FINALLY finishing the back of my back. No actual pics of anything, nor have I been talking about it. It's probably about 40% done.

Though, I have been working on a modified Cherry Twist (http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring03/PATTcherries.html)... Size 7 circs with Sugar 'n' Creme cotton - and that's about 80% done.


I emailed you today about my tank. I've finished the back and am about 1/3 of the way through the front. It's the Batz tank from Plassard's adult summer book using Mayotte and P'Tite Fleur. Earlier pictures are here: http://mythreadedbliss.typepad.com/my_threaded_bliss/2004/week23/index.html.

Julia T.

Post! post! Post! The list is just going to get longer.....


The GFA shell is on hold as I make my fourth attempt at seaming it up; darn those reverse stockinette stripes, anyway. I've also got about half of Joy from 'Tape Thing' finished, but that's also on hold while I bang my head against the wall over the armhole decreases. Grrr!


I finished one of my tanks. I changed to Ginger as opposed to the Elderflower.


I started mine.. I had to order some turbos off the internet because bamboo doea not like mission falls cotton (sticky). I am kind of starting to understand the whole wool craze. So I seem to be WAY behind everyone else but I cast on last night. I have to frog it but it knits up fast.

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