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September 10, 2007



I am so sorry...poor Reepicheep. I still feel bad that I was overseas when my rat Gypsy died, but I'm not sure I could bear watching it happen either. Hugs for all of you from me...


Being present when life leaves any living creature is not a pleasant experience. Bless you for being there for Reepicheep.
My own dog, also Taffy, is 12 but still going strong. I think when you're beloved pet is advanced in years, like your Taffy was, you expect things like this to occur. It's when your pet is young and vibrant and taken away that it's harder to fathom. What's even harder is having to break a child's heart by telling them.
Godspeed, Reepicheep. I know there's a special place for rats at the Rainbow Bridge.


So sorry, hun. Give Karin big hugs.
I hope whatever it is you tapped broadens your experience and your life.


Hey Mr. Schieberl!!

How's life?

I'm in Fremont's Orchestra; 2nd violin, 1st chair. Pretty good for a freshman? I dunno. Fremont High is awesome. Mr. Kelly is quite interesting but you're better. haha...

Anyways, fill me in on things at SMS. How's this year's Orchestra? Is Steven Bi there? or Andy? haha...

Awww... Poor Reepicheep. Let him rest in peace... It hurts when something even so little passes away.

um... ask Mr. Roberts for my email cuz I prefer not to show it to the whole world and that email is my junkmail account so... yeah. ttyl!


PS: I have a facebook too if you want to contact me though that.

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