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October 26, 2008


Iz jeluz that Kevin has way better legs than me.

Love Ellie's little fairy costume. Love that it's purple and not the usual pink or Tinkerbell green.

Love the shoes!

Ellie looks confused...

Oh. My. Gawd.
It's both frightening, and rather titilating! The leg hair really makes it.

I think you shoulda flipped a pair of suspenders over Kevin's outfit, just to drive it home.

I love it!!!!!!

I'm so glad you could come! Your costumes were clever (who knew Kevin had such good legs?!?) & Ellie was the cutest wood nymph! I'm glad your photo came out clear since mine was being fussy last night...even with no fog or fire pit smoke some were crystal clear & some were out of focus, like you guys and Robin AGAIN...*sigh* I might pull out my ancient camera just for costumes because it was always reliable... ;) Now for party mess cleanup, but I think I'll relax a bit first...

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