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September 15, 2008


I decided it was time to celebrate your anniversary. I figured you two would be having one sometime this year, so it might as well be now. Your cake awaits you (and I hope Kay put it in the fridge! If not, toss it and I'll bring more.)

I need a boot camp, to kick my booty into action again. :P

Wedding hotness? Oh my! I echo one of the other comments - I hurt just hearing about it.

I'm honored & thankful to be included since Robin is a good teacher. I wish I was seeing results for me, but I'll keep trying & trust it must be doing good somewhere...I definitely don't have any post-workout rush, just starving & exhausted & not able to do much afterwards when I get home...but I'm not giving up yet!

Total Wedding Hotness...tee hee!

What a great idea. I ache just reading your post.

Go bridal boot camp!! I just need boot camp, but bridal makes it sound a bit more fun!!

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