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September 08, 2008


The sweater is beautiful, but Ellie steals the show.

It must be fun to be so cute!

Were those lovely FO's in the shop? How I'd miss them? Love the February sweater in progress that I did see.

Ms E's so fun to play with. Lovely jazz hands...and teethm though she was a good little girl and didn't bite down when she decided to explore my knuckle. (We were so busy keeping the yarn out of her mouth, I forgot I needed to keep my fingers away too.) ;)

Jazz hands is right!! Such a cutie (so glad I got to play with her for a bit yesterday!!)!

Wow! Look at you go on the sweaters!! Both are fabulous!! Love love love the Woobu :) You'll have that February Lady done in no time too!

Oh heavens! Jazz hands!!! So freaking funny.

Wow! Ellie is so big now and is gorgeous! As are all your girls Miss Nat! (sorry about all the !!!s)

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