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September 15, 2006


Oh, you should have caught Mario on this week's Nip/Tuck - ooh la la - you can still catch it Sunday on FX. Make sure the kids are in bed ;)

Did you see the Grey's Anatomy where they're KNITTING?!?!! I just watched it yesterday, and it cracks me up - if you haven't watched that one yet, do :) best of luck with the store - my knitting friend and I will have to come as soon as you're open! :)

I am waiting for the season two too, Netflix says has it in "Short Wait" - I doubt I'll have it before Thursday, so I'll have to tivo the season premiere. I agree with Cookie, tivo is evil, but it spares us the commercials ;-)

Wait until you graduate to wanting to watch one show while you are taping two others! I'm hooked on atleast half dozen shows: Nip/Tuck, Project Runway, Grey's, ER...But boy, I hope Meredith is a little less whiney this year.

Tivo is evil! But so good! I didn't watch tv for TEN years, and then we decided to try out DirecTV with Tivo. I watched so much tv the first few months we had it. It's gone a bit now, but it's still more than I'd like. But hey it's good background for knitting. When I try to be really productive, I'll knit on the elliptical and watch tv. Heehee. Too bad I can only do that with stockinette in the round.

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