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July 23, 2006


Hi there! I crocheted a great market bag with the euroflax last summer. I'm not much of a crocheter so I was pretty excited about this easy pattern. It has been a great bag too. It was a Louet pattern.

Wow, you've been a busy blogger lately! So sorry to hear about your asthma... hope you're feeling better by now. I am so bummed I didn't jump on the sock club when I had the chance.... those colors are so pretty!

Yes, tremors or nervousness happens to be one of the most common side effects from taking albuterol. But there are some other side effects that you need to look out for because they can be just as bad if you aren't expecting them. Tachycardia or a rapid heart beat is very common; this is the one I muost often experience. Some of the others common side effects are hypertension, angina, dizziness, head ache, sweating, nausea, and a sore throat. THere are 10 adverse side effects that I have to be arare of as an EMT. And please do not exceed the prescribed dosage which should be a total of 4 puffs or 2 doses (2 puffs per dose.) If after the second dose, you are still having problems, please call 911 and get taken in to the ED for a nebulezer treatment!

I continue to be wistful that I'm not a member of the STR club, but given that I would be three pairs behind, I'm not too pining.

But Esmerel showed me the new yarn, and I LOVED the teal with the pinks and periwinkle. Gorgeous stuff.

Oh yuck on the asthma! I hope the inhaler works for you.

I'm glad the bad was mitigated by the good packages and prizes. Love the STR and Euroflax. Lucky girl.

Oog, I'm glad we warned you then! Hopefully it'll cool off towards mid-week and maybe that'll help, too!

I got my STR package last night too, and as soon as I opened it I thought of you :) Tho, I am feeling obligated now to go comment on the KAL that 'no, everyone most certainly did NOT love the linen stitch. I hate it, I hate it bad.' =)

I hope you continue to feel better. That sounds awful.

Thank YOU for your donation!!

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