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May 09, 2005


Awesome stash photo. I hope something besides the koigu gets diverted into your personal stash! Great to meet you, I'll be in touch when things have settled down a bit for you.

WOW! What a haul! Day-um. Beautiful.

It was so wonderful meeting you! I'm still coming down off the whole wonderful weekend!

Am I the only one who thinks that a yarn shop owner amassing that much stash in a weekend is W-I-L-D!

Wasn't it just FABULOUS?
I finally got my photo album posted...

Buying for the! That's it! Buying for the *store*! Heh.

Holy Crap woman! If you'll excuse me saying...are you opening your own yarn store annex??
LOVE the stuff. LOVE.

Well, know how to shop!! It was so much fun seeing your face all over Blogland!

It was great to meet you Saturday. I am hoping that you carried an empty suitcase just for the loot. I hope to see you back here next year. I am definitley going to talk the person I know on the festival commitee about somewhere for bloggers to meet.

I wanted to meet you so bad. I heard you were at the morehouse merino booth and hightailed it over there and must have missed you :-(

So sorry I missed you, Nathania! At least I did get the phone conversation :) Lolly already sent me all of the info on coming to visit--so hopefully I can make it out there soon, and I definitely want to see you back over here next year. Great new stash, lady, that is amazing! :)

That's great you were able to go even after just opening the store. And hey! that's alot of Koigu - all for you? (You know how to treat yourself! - good for you!) And I would be smiling too! (Any UNDER the bed?) Terry in SF

Nice haul. Delightful to see you again!

Oh heavens, that's a haul to drool over! :)

It was so nice meeting you in the lunch line Saturday.
And gosh, what a great photo!! We should all have a store to shop for. ;-)

Impressive bit of stash enhancement! Glad you had a great time at MSW and I hope I'll run into you next year! =)

It was great to meet you Nathania. And fab stash!

How on earth did you manage to carry it all! Lovely purchases though.

OH. MY. LORD! That is one hella stash, girl!! NICE!

It was really great to meet you!!! Sheep and Wool was SOOO FUN!

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