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April 23, 2005


Everything looks amazing at the store, Nathania. I've been seeing reference to it on Sharlene's blog, too. Looks like we'll have to plan a short fiber trip south (we're in SF) soon!

Happy big day! I'm sure you won't have time to blog or check comments today, but I hope the opening is a blast.

Love the molly sweater where did you get the pattern?Thanks

Congratulations! It looks just fabulous! I'm so happy for you.

Cool - a new yarn store right down the street from law school!!! Now, how on earth am I ever going to get any studying done during finals? Hmmm - library or cool new LYS? That's an easy choice for me!

It's lovely and it really looks like you have created a space that will enable you to realize your vision of an inviting store. Hope I can visit soon!

Nathania, the store looks gorgeous! I wish I could join you for the opening celebration or at least come sit and knit on that couch. Congrats!!

SKREEEEEE! That was the sound of me almost crashing my car as I drove my the former B*Civilized store and saw the "commuknity" sign. I had heard rumors of a yarn store opening in Willow Glen (although I think of that stretch of the Alameda as somewhere between Rose Garden and downtown), and I'd been peering at all the storefronts on *Lincoln* for weeks! And there it was on the Alameda! I cannot tell you how excited I am that this store is opening - such a great location, such a great space, and from your pictures ... it already looks like heaven. I'm so glad I googled "commuknity" and found your blog. I can't wait for the store to open!!!

Oh, I don't know how you can stop yourself from knitting up all the luscious yarn!

how exciting!

It's really looking good! I can see lots of yarn!

Nathania, the store really looks beautiful! So cozy and homey... perfect! I can't wait to come to San Jose and see it... maybe next fall? :)

oooh I'm drooling. And wishing I lived closer.

it looks amazing! i'm so proud of you. i need to find a reason to come to CT.

The store looks fantastic. All of your hard work shows - I hope I have the chance to visit it and you sometime! It looks like the selection is amazing already.

It looks AMAZING!! You guys have done SUCH a great job!! I'm sooo jealous I can't stop by...

Hey, I just came over here from Almost felted..and discovered that you are opening a new yarn store in San Jose! Yay! I'll definately keep my eyes peeled for that :)

Outstanding, Nathania!! Now I wish we were moving to the West Coast instead of the East!!

Oh, I can't wait to come see the new store! If it were closer to me I have a feeling I'd be spending a lot of time on that wonderful sofa...

Wow! The store is so huge!

How about that. A new yarn store in San Jose. Good luck with the new venture. I'm going to let my SIL know there will be a new place in town and as soon as I came back, I'll come visit and check it out. But, I was just there in February so it will be a while before I get back there.

What could be more inviting than a brandy new yarn store with untouched shelves?

That's right. NOTHING.

From these pics, it looks like a beautiful store, well organized, well lit and comfy! I can't wait to check it out when you're open! It will be well worth the trip.

I'm afraid I can't be original here...


It looks wonderful, Nathania! Best wishes on your upcoming grand opening -- I will send good thoughts your way on Friday, when we in Boston are welcoming the Yarn Harlot -- happy days for knitters on both coasts!

I wanted to hang out all afternoon instead of going back to work :( You've done a great job with the space. All those colors in one space...drool...

The store looks beautiful!

Heh heh, that pic cracks me up because I see the two little faces peering over the chairs in the back! Thanks for such a lovely time yesterday m'dear, I had a blast. Let me know if I can be of any help next week. I'd love to be a part of your commuKNITy in any way I can. :)

Wow, Nathania! That is a gorgeous tribute to all your hard work and creativity. I'm lovin' it. What a lovely picture of the ladies on the couch (heh, that may not sound too good....) There's that darn Sharlene who always chooses the same projects as I do, but who knits circles around me, looking so gorgeous!

Wow, it looks amazing. The couches look so comfortable and everything looks perfectly organized. Wish it were in CT.

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