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April 06, 2005


good luck with everything - all this hard work will definitely pay off. remember to take time to pamper yourself too. looking forward to visiting the store!

what an exciting time for you!! hope all continues to ge well :)

Oh, I'm sure you're doing so much work you didn't imagined it'd be soooo much! (I understand, I used to be on a display team that helped open new stores or remodeled ones.) Thanks for keeping us abreast as your fans eagerly await "your"store to open. Give yourself some rest too! Terry in SF

Oh my goodness, I only needed to read about two words of your 2nd paragraph before I chimed in (though nobody was listening) ME TOO!! I hear ya, and I'm right there WITH ya. Just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm thinking of you. No need to respond. You've got enough going on. ;-)

Just because you can't keep track of us right now doesn't mean we're not keeping track of you! Good luck with everything, and don't overdo it!

I'm sure this is such an exciting time. I can hardly wait for the store to open so I can visit!

good luck getting thru the next few weeks! it's a lot of work now, but just imagine the feeling you'll have on opening day!

I figured you had to be swamped getting things ready for the grand opening. Hope it all continues to go well and that you take care of those sore muscles. I'd love to see pics of the store when you get a chance.

Things sound as if they are going well. All of the hard work must be fun and exciting for you. Good Luck, but remember to rest some. I am excited for you.

Wow! Sounds like things are moving along quite well. It will all be worth it in the end, but I am sure you're exhausted right now. Take care! Hope they're paying you well for all those long hours :-)

It must be very exciting to watch the birth of a yarnstore.

I'm SO looking forward to coming to visit your store!! Please take care of yourself, though.

I can't wait to visit! :) I've got several projects in mind that I need to shop for!

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