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April 29, 2005


I just heard about your store and I'm thrilled. I live in WG, only a little over a mile away -- perfect walking distance. I haven't been in to see you yet, but I'm looking forward to it. I learned to knit from my Mom when I was a child, and have only picked it up more seriously in the last two years. How wonderful to finally have a beautiful store so close by. Thanks!


Congrats on your store. It is beautiful! If I ever visit your city, I must visit. Have fun.

Congratulations! It looks amazing. I'm wishing I still lived in Monterey where you'd be less than an hour away.
I loved the armoires the yarn are in... when you get a chance (and things are less crazy) if you could e-mail me where you bought them I'd appreciate it! Thanks.

The store looks AMAZING! I wish there was something this cool in PA near me :(

WOW! There are no words! You have created the Dream knitting shop!
If only I could get there!!

It's absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on a great and successful opening. Would love to come and visit someday (the living room is lovely).

your shop is absolutely charming...if i'm EVER in the area, I'm coming to see you girl:D

It looks like a salon! Mazel tov on the realization of your dream!

Wow! Your store looks fabulous. Congratulations!

Wow! Congrats, Nathania! What a wonderful store. :)

Congratulations, beautiful. I'm so happy and excited and proud for you. :-)

the shop is gorgeous! Congrats on a successful opening. I wish I could come over and hang out!

Congratulations on a successful opening! It's a gorgeous store. Your local knitters are very lucky.

Many, many congratulations. The store looks fabulous and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as it fills with knitting life. Hope you're looking forward to your well deserved break at MDS&W!

I'm so glad everything is going so well! I can't wait to come visit -- I had company this weekend but I hope to get down there this week! It looks magnificent, and it sounds like you've done everything just right. Congratulations.

N, All I can say, is "you go girl!".

Wow! Your place is spectacular. I'm so impressed. The sofas look so inviting. Whoever took the photos did a magnificant job. It's so welcoming. So inviting that I want to come take a trip.

Nathania, I am so happy to hear about all of these wonderful developments. Everything came together so fast, and it was so fun to watch! You, and the others, worked SO hard. You are now being rewarded for it! I plan to come to the store when I'm in CA--I just can't wait!

The other Lolly sent me some info on your trip over here to MD--it will be wonderful to finally meet you. I am so looking forward to it. :)

Wow, this really looks like an amazing store - a place that I would be thrilled to call my LYS! Best of luck with it and I hope you get to take a few minutes for a breather sometime soon (S&W perhaps?). It must feel great to see all your hard work come to fruition.

The shop looks amazing! I will have to go when I visit my friend in CA! Best of luck with everything!

I have been silently following the development of your store and only tonight realized that it is a mere 5 minutes from my apartment!!! I can't wait to check it out; everything looks lovely and so inviting! Congrats!

Congrats, Nathania! What a great job you've done! If I wasn't an ocean away I'd come see it!!

I was there in spirit...can't wait to hug you in person!

Absolutely gorgeous, Nathania. I've never seen a more beautiful LYS. And I'm sure it will be even better in person. Hope to visit very soon.

WOW what a store! Congratulations on a wonderful acheivement - can't wait till I'm in CA again!

It looks wonderful! I'm glad your first day went so well. The store looks huge and welcoming and just really great . . . I wish I were 3,000 miles closer!!

Wow. Oh wow. I so wish I could be there for opening weekend. With all of the technical glitches, you will never, ever forget your opening day. Here's a big virtual hug for you, Gail, and Tom. {HUGS}

Oh, how exciting. I'm so happy for you!

Congratulations! I love the pictures of the store. I have to stop by soon to see for myself!

Congratulations on a successful first day - that is an absolutely gorgeous store. I'll be down soon to check it out.

It was great to meet you finally. All the hard work showed and it was great to follow you on this journey through your blog. I can't wait to spend some time knitting on those couches. I felt vary disoriented and overwhelmed by the beauty of the store, that I didn't even sit down and knit once (even though I had a pair of socks in my bag the whole time!). Take care and hope to see you again soon!

Nathania, this looks like such a lovely store. I'll look forward to visiting it next time I'm in CA.

See you soon!

Congratulations! It looks amazing in the photos.

I wanted to drop by your blog and let you know how much I loved your store! I went over there during my lunch break and bought some yarn :). Absolutely beautiful space! I will probably come back next week with a couple of friends in tow.

Perfect, perfect, perfect! You do good work, girl. Congratulations and a big hug.

Nathania, that store is absolutely gorgeous. I just wish you weren't so far away! Well done!

The store looks magnificent - really. You should be extremely proud. It's gorgeous. I'd be begging to hand over my money in a store like that. Very well done. I hope to meet you at MDSW and congratulate you in person!

Oh if only! You did a fabulous job, an inspired job. You deserve a big pat on the back and a good rest. I WILL come to visit someday when I have saved enough money to buy a bunch of yarn! ;-)

It's absolutely BEAUTIFUL Nathania!! Congratulations!

When you are animated by an idea, anything can become reality. You have come home.

The shop is goregous Nathania! Well done! Despite the odds.

So PROUD of you!

I am so happy for you! That living room makes me feel peaceful and happy just looking at it. I may have to make it my computer's wallpaper.

Can't wait to get in and see the store. I've been reading your blog for a while, and ever since you announced your new venture, I've been saving my pennies! (Maybe tomorrow is the day....)

Glad to know that you're happy, if exhausted. Get some good sleep - in fact, that's where I should be now, too!

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