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April 15, 2005


Wow! So exciting!!!!

Wow - The shop is looking great!

Can't wait to see you on Monday!!

Things are looking great! I've already told my mom she's going to have a new LYS to visit. And I'll be by this fall for a visit, too!

OMG, it looks fabulous in there! I can't wait to admire it in person...and, well, to shop your shelves dry!

My DD says she read a book where the character was born on April 15th and nobody ever wanted to celebrate her birthday, that the dining table would be covered with tax forms -- no room for the cake...

You're going to need a fainting couch in the store for those of us who become overwhelmed by all the beautiful yarn!

I SO wish that I lived near you so that I could give you my money :D


I love watching your store come together.

It looks beautiful! I'd love to come by on the 22nd, but I'll have the boys with me. I sent you an e-mail, let me know what you think!

Great stuff...keep showing us the yarn to drool for.

It's looking good! And remember, the past is the past. Let it be.

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