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February 03, 2005


I didn't stop by for a visit this week, so I didn't see your post. I've been trying to knit more than blog and surf. I remember last year when you remembered your brother (or was it on his birthday, it seems as if it wasn't that long ago). You write in a way that clearly conveys your love for him. My prayer for you is that as the years go by this time brings joy to your heart and not pain. Cuddle your loved ones for strength.

The MH is coming along beautifully. Can't wait to start mine... if the pattern ever gets here. lol.

Yarn therapy and a great guy and great kids...a perfect combo for soothing the psyche! :-)

Ok..I gotta say...I love the blog. Damn you, woman!! As for your latest post, yeah, you got lucky with that big lug of a guy, there! I know you 2 are happy as 2 could possibly be, and more it seems!! Give the guy a kiss from his big, black, MRT buddy, will ya!!? Oh...I want that recipe too. LORI, that stuff rocked!!!

What a great guy you have. You Must Have is really beautiful. Knitting is our salvation.

Your MH is stunning. I just read yesterday's post! So sorry that you have such a sad memory in February! My thoughts are with you.

Your color choice for the must have is beautiful!
So glad you have Kevin as your support as well as all of us! Take care!

Ok. Now I get it. THANK YOU for posting that nice clear, large picture of your piece of the Must Have. NOW I get it. (oops, already said that) I now know that my stitches are fine. I was so worried. I didn't "get" what I was doing and thought I was screwing up.

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