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August 31, 2004


Oh my gosh...when I read past the lovely pictures of your girls I felt like I was reading my own experience. I can empathize with you and how you felt. Last Wednesday I experienced an emotional breakdown over similiar life issues, changes, frustrations. It was a humbling, yet annoying experience that I hope doesn't happen again any time soon, but like you I was with my very supportive sweetheart, and all turned out well. The universe has shown it's parallel nature again. It's comforting to me to know I'm not alone with the PMS/Moon/life experiences, and that my reaction to such things is probably normal, though if the white-coats come for me I won't be surprised. I could probably use a vacation anyway, but until then knitting helps to bring me peace. Take care, and I'm glad things are better.

Just catching up, babe, and I'm sending you MUCH love. It's been a rough week, no? Thanks for writing it all out, and letting us be there with you....

(((hugs))) I hope things are better. It sounds like you had a rough week, what with your brother being on your mind and the new transitions with the girls and your house situation. You have a LOT going on and it's no wonder that you are emotionally overloaded. I am glad you have your wonderful family and knitting to help you through. :) And if a kind thought from a stranger helps in any way - you have one from me.

Sometimes a grrl just need a good cry!! Sounds like you know how to take care of yourself, too.
((((HUG))))) as always.

Thank you for sharing these intimate transitions with us ~ I really admire the way you can open your heart, both in your actions and in your writing. As my toddler starts preschool next week, it's rather nice to look a bit further down the mom-path through your eyes.

PMS, full moons, transitional life moments with our babies...we melt...from the heart out. I'm figuratively holding onto my kiddo's ankle as she skips merrily into middle school. It seems like it was only yesterday that she cried whenever I left her. Now she handles it with a smile, a quick wave and sometimes a hasty smooch on my cheek. Sending some hugs your way.

Nathania, I am sending you healing thoughts and hugs to boot! Your daughters are beautiful! The teacher bending to shake hands with Karin brought a tear to my eye! What a kind and wonderful woman she seems to be!
I will think of you on Saturday as I drop Derek off at college. I'll shed a couple of tears and know that I wasnt' alone in this motherhood squeezing of hearts!

I keep typing, and then erasing. I can't add anything to how eloquently you write. Picture my arms waving out hugs to you via cyberspace.

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