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August 28, 2004


Hugs, Nathania. What a great pic of the two of you.

My brother is my best friend, too. Hearing your story caused my heart to drop. I'm so so sorry, my thoughts are with you.

You have a lovely gift for writing, and though your pain is very personal you have gifted me with a glimpse of the depth of love and feeling you shared with your brother. Thank you.

As soon as I saw the picture I knew what your post would say. I go through the same thing. Sam would have been 30 this year. I'm crying a little as I read your post (not sure that I'll be able to finish it). Just wanted to send a hug.

I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing your brother with us.

Missing but never gone because your love keeps his memory alive. How wonderful that you had each other during such a confusing time when you were both so young. A bond formed like that never breaks, it's bending just out of view at the moment.

Nathania, I don't know the pain that you are going through right now, but my heart is with you.

This is a wonderful post about your brother.

Words cannot express how your writing made me feel.

He was very lucky to have you as his sister.

Dear Nathania, I'm very sorry for your loss and heavy pain. Your heart's capacity to feel so deeply for your loved ones keeps Andrew's memory alive. I send you warm hugs.

Unfortunately I know exactly how you feel. I lost my younger brother this month to cancer. Thank you for writing this lovely tribute about you brother.
Peace and comfort...

How tragic! I'm in tears here too Nathania. Sending lots of hugs and warm thoughts your way. What a wonderful tribute you wrote to your brother, I'm sure he's happily looking down,thankful he has such a wonderful, caring sister.

Oh Nathania! I am sitting here in tears at your loss. What a devastating thing to go through. My heart is with you and if only I could give you a hug in person....

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