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April 05, 2008


OMG! I just bought one too and I LOVE IT!!! :) YAY!!

I'm jealous. That makes me grown up too right?

I know the feeling... people thought I was so strange to be SO HAPPY about winning a new vacuum cleaner as a door prize once!

We loves the Dyson! Whee!

Like 4 years ago, a Dyson Animal showed up in my Amazon lockbox and I felt like I had won the lottery. We loooove it. I can't imagine not having it!!

I received a Dyson as a XMAS gift - and I was so excited it was the one item I opened up immediately and started to use. It is an awesome vacuum - you will love it and also be absolutely dismayed with the 'stuff' you continue to pick up from your carpets. In fact, both myself and my mother-in-law talk about all the 'stuff' we get everytime we vacuum... I never thought our carpets were this dirty!!!

Or when you start debating the merits of ladders and garden hoses with your best friend...

Similar story here: A few years ago, my mom wanted to buy me a birthday present and I told her to buy me a vacuum cleaner. When she asked which one I wanted, I told her that part of the gift would be for her to do the research, choose the best vacuum and have it show up at my door. A few months later, the vacuum showed up and I was happy not to have to think about it.

I've owned my DC-17 for over a year now and do not regret a penny of the money spent to purchase it. I'm totally in love with my Dyson! Congratulations.

Heh. My son-in-law was trying to talk me into a Dyson, and I allowed as how they seemed to be wonderful, and was he offering to pay for my other kids' college, eh? I do hear they are very very good--enjoy! IS grown up!

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