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April 04, 2008


Love the photos!!! Are you sure Ellie wasn't looking at you in the sweater? LOL

Love the crazy baby hair!! I bet she's going to start thinking her name is "look at that hair" - must hear it all the time, huh? Have fun at sock camp and let me know when your free to get together, I've got some baby clothes for you.

Honk! Honk!

I bet Kevin is sad you didn't pick that sweater! Vavavavooooom!

Love the pic of Ellie, I couldn't figure out what the heck was up with that shot before I made it big. I would have sworn she was wearing some kind of lighted hat or something!

LOL! we love the Ellie pic! my husband is sitting here cracking up. he thought she was wearing some sort of headband.
your frontal real estate rocks! I'm jealous!

Ellie looks like she's wearing a crown. :)

I thought the same thing as 'nita about Princess Tinsel-head. Also, the sweater is cracking me up.

(But I bet it'd fit me...)

Love the hair!

Love the hair!

Ah yes- breastfeeding does enhance things doesn't it?! Loverly. Good luck with the moving. Not fun, but you aren't going too far and you'll have lots of help. I hope your new place works out well!!!!

I thought some sort of tinsel head band too! Love her hair!! Sounds like a busy few weeks for you guys!! Thank goodness sock camp will provide lots of fun!! Yay!!!

before I embiggened I swear she had on a tinsel head band or some such thing. Too funny!!

Depending on your moving date and stuff, I might be able to offer some manual labor. Let me know.

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