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April 17, 2007


Sounds like you had so much fun.

Wow. It sounds like an amazing trip! Jealousy abounds, but in a good way. That shawl is amazing. Lucky you!

I think the pairs knitting was one of my favorite parts of camp. Everyone should try it!

I love the pic of your rooster that tapmouse (Leslie) posted on her blog.

Glad you're all back safely from all that fun.

i'm so, so, so jealous.

It was great to meet you in person! What a fun time.

I enjoyed the vicarious experience and all the photos. The lace shawl from Eugen is amazing. I hope you bring it into the shop sometime for show and tell. :)

I am green with envy- I can't wait for next yaer so that I can go to sock camp too! And I lllluuurve your cool chicken purse!

Wow! It looks like an amzing time. :) Thanks for the great rundown!

Great detail on the sock camp. Thanks! I am so envious of your visit to one of the best lace expert, Gene...

I like your post about sock camp the best. I so wish I could have been there but the second best was a trip to Purlesence on Saturday to pick up my Little Bunny Foo Foo with my buddy Kristin.

I love the bald eagle too. I saw one in flight when I visited my sister (who lives in Washington) and totally get what you mean about their majesty.

And that lace shawl, truly a treasure. Next to the chicken of course!

You're the best camp historian ever, Nathania!! What a wonderful weekend for all of you.

I love how most of the "three-legged" knitters look as though they could be dancing.

Sounds like a fantastic time! I think the lace shawl and the felted chicken bag will be the hottest new look for spring, you can rock that look! Thanks for sharing your trip.

Your post is helping me to make all the other Sock Camp posts make sense - you have order and explanations. W00t! I wish we could see video of the chickens passing left, right, left left left, right. :-)

Hi- this sounds like a really great trip- it was so great to read about it!Thanks for sharing:-)
Marit in Norway

Whee! What fun! Better not show Peggy that chicken purse...

What a whirlwind trip! In spite of all the fun and frolick at camp, I was thrilled to read about your visit with the master of lace himself. And to bring a piece home? What a wonderful and generous man. Again, welcome home and thanks for sharing.

Looks like a great time. I have to say that my favorite picture is the one of the bald eagle. So cool!

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