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April 04, 2006


Perfection personified. Thank you for blogging this! I know how hard it is sometimes to remember to take out the camera and do the blogging thing. That TMK is a hoot! One of these days I'll see her face, damnit.

Awesome pictures and story. It made up (a little) for being too far away...

Great photos and recap--there's was no way for us to get there, and I'm really sorry we had to miss it.

OH! What a wonderful party! thanks for posting!...sniff... (I always cry at weddings...)

I got all teary reading that account even (or despite) being there and seeing pictures. One of my favorite moments was Lala wearing the veil with her suit--priceless. That was a great wedding and party and was great to meet Kevin (who's a total catch btw--love that he's knitting with the good stuff) and see you again.

What a great summary! I need to upload my pictures from Saturday. It was great to see you there, and I'm leaving a comment just like you asked. :)

The wedding and reception look beautiful and that a good time was had by all. Thanks for sharing pictures of the special day.

I knew there would have to be at least one embarrassing picture of me!

THANK YOU for the recap! I got all weepy reading Rachael's post earlier, and this one made me cry too. This one made me feel like I was there--if only I had been...

What a FANTASTIC wedding wrap-up, Nathania! Great photos and thanks so much for sharing all the love!

(Look at you -- your hair is growing out so fast!)

Thanks for posting the pictures, makes me feel like I was there! You did a fabulous job summing up such an amazing event.

Oh, thank you for those, darlin..... And thanks for being there. It meant so much.

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