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August 22, 2005


*wow* you have so much going on! finished objects sprouting up everywhere, shop news (see you at the white sale!), yarn shop tourism and a heck of a tiring vacation. I hope you are getting enough sleep to keep up this fabulous energy.

Holy Frijoles Gurl! You don't have to blog for a month now!! Yummy yarn, sucky tire, Birch...(I fondled her last night while you were doing something with music[insert Homer drooling noises here])...Love the Ribby, awesome socks (can't wait to pick your brain for my toe-ups)! Damn woman! They need to give you the Energizer bunny job. You just don't STOP!

Awww, that's a pretty nice Kevin you've got there!

You look great, you look happy! Love agrees with you;-)
Love the sock and the shawl is just breath taking.

i am glad that you enjoyed your visit to washington state, now i am armed with a couple more places we can stop for *potty breaks* when we drive to my folks house in washougal (also a cute little yarn store there called crewel world)

So you want to be a spinster as a married woman, do you :-) Sounds like you're marrying the perfect man! I'm glad you made the trip safely. You look like a million in Birch.

"You need a yarn shop?!!" This guy is a keeper!!

Birch looks fantastic blocked out, woo, socks! and you are a braver woman than I to be knitting a sweater in the dark. :)

But I want to run away with your Rayon Chenille. I love the color!

And now I'm going to have to come by the store this weekend and check out the cotton yarn... *mock grumble* :)

The spinning story is what hooked me here. It sounds like a very sweet part of a great weekend.

Oh! Dude! Kevin, the tire thing is just totally harsh. Glad you both survived and seem to have kept your senses of humor intact!

Any man who takes you to a yarn shop when you're sad is a total keeper.

And your Birch is fantastique.

Just so everyone's clear, Nathania and I have been speaking in email and I understand what she was getting at and I think she understands where I was coming from.

Nathania, I did not read your review about that yarn store that way... I know you would never say something to offend someone in that way...

I am happy to hear that your lovely Birch was a hit! It really is SO stunning! ;)

Was I your SP3? I can't remember if that was the one... did I give you that sock yarn? wow, it was a year ago, and I already forgot! nevertheless, the sock looks great! ;)

Anyway, I hope all is well, and can't wait to see that Slytherin house sweater! How cool!

Evie herself described her customers as Walmart shoppers and gave that as her reasoning for the high acrylic content of her stock. She mentioned her frustration with not being able to carry the kinds of yarns she prefers because her customers just won't buy it. In no way was my comment intended to cause offense.

We also visited Evie's Yarn in Longview. Longview is a small town and Evie's clientele also shops a lot at Walmart. Her selection is reflective of her customers, though she has brought in some interesting things like Annie Blatt, Cherry Tree Hill and a few other little gems.

You know, this is really condescending. It isn't only people with bad taste in yarn who shop at Wal-Mart. It's people who are poor and who can't afford to shop at department stores or the organic grocery store. Or people who live in rural areas where Wal-Mart is the only place to shop because Wal-Mart's killed their downtowns. Or people who save money on their day-to-day expenses so they can buy nice things in other parts of their lives.

I understand that you're trying to write reviews of different yarn shops you went to while on your trip, but your word choice is appalling. Why not just mention the types of yarns carried in the shops and not draw any conclusions about the sorts of people who purchase them? Because, really, you can't know that just by looking at the selection of yarns. Maybe the yarn shop owner just happens to have crappy taste--one of my LYS's has an entire room of novelty yarns, because that's what the owner likes. Another has a large selection of machine knitting yarns for the very same reason. Obviously community demographics play a small role in what sorts of yarns a shop carries, but so does the owner's interests.

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