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August 31, 2005


The house sweater looks so nice ... the colors are beautiful.

School days, school days... the girls are beautiful.

Congratulations, too! ; )

Wow. That Paris colorway is going to make a magnificent Peacock Feathers Shawl (which you should be good for if there is ~1300 yards in the two balls). I'm trying madly to get my own Peacock Feathers done and blocked so I can bring it into the store on Sunday for the Social Knitting time to show it off.

So, just to verify, it looks like you decided to go with the SS/CoS-style Slytherin house sweater in the lighter grey body, as opposed to the charcoal black PoA/GoF-style? Any particular reason?

Congrats about the kids starting school. They do grow up so fast. :)

The house sweater looks awesome! It really is just a nice looking sweater and the colors are lovely.

Awww... back to school pics. :)

I know the feeling. It seems like only last year that my daughter started Grammar school (11 years plus)and here she is going back to start her GCSE year and turning 16 in two weeks!
Love the yarn

Our K back-to-school day was today. Tomorrow is The Day. I think the boy will be fine. I will be tears however...

They are so cute, Nathania - and they look SO much like you. They are lucky to have such a cool mom!

I love the armwarmers!

And handmaiden...drool.

your girls are so beautiful. you are very blessed. and yes, the jump from elementary to middle school is a big one. they do grow fast... time flies. good luck with your projects - I have a bunch of unfinished ones myself (some from March).
take care,

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